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We Live and Breathe Diesel

At Supreme Diesel, you can expect to get top-notch Diesel services related to the performance and enhancement of your diesel Vehicle. with the exception of tires.
We also do 
  • CVIPs (Commercial Vehicle Inspections)
  • Out of Province Inspections
  • Vehicle Insurance Inspections

Supreme Diesel is a full-service diesel truck repair and automotive facility located in Sexsmith, Alberta.

We’re proud to have earned our reputation as one of North America’s top diesel performance and repair shops.

At Supreme Diesel, we are fully committed to helping truck owners achieve the performance they require from their truck.

  • Looking to improve your fuel economy?
  • Wanting to improve your vehicle’s reliability?
  • Wanting to buy the parts to install yourself?
  • Increase your vehicle’s horsepower for optimal performance.
  • You can depend on our knowledgeable, experienced team to deliver reliable results that count.

Whether you’ve got an issue no one else can fix, or simply want more out of your vehicle, you can count on Supreme Diesel.

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