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Supreme Diesel’s 64.5 mm Billet Extreme Duty Turbocharger for the 2013-2018 6.7L Cummins.  An amazing upgrade for your truck.  It produces a lot more air flow than the factory replacement, supporting up to 650hp, resulting in better fuel economy, lower EGTs and better performance.  In stock for $3,295.00 exchange. 

Supreme Diesel has partnered with a top manufacturer to develop our very own line of turbochargers! We are the diesel engine experts, which means we know exactly what a turbocharger requires. With great pricing and great performance, turbochargers from Supreme Diesel are among the best available! From stock replacement to mild or wild upgrades, we have over 50 automotive and heavy duty turbo chargers in stock at any given time. With our competitively priced, wide variety of professionally manufactured, new and remanufactured turbo chargers, we are certain you will find exactly what you need for your diesel at Supreme Diesel.

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