Sulastic Shackles

Soar Smoother

With Sulastic Shackles, you can make your vehicle float on air. Available for most vehicles from 1988 to the present, most anybody can get a pair of their own. Having your own means you can experience the immense benefits of having Sulastic Shackles in your suspension. These immense benefits include increased shock absorption, and better movement capabilities.

Shock Absorption

The shackles are built with rubber spring mechanics that allow for leaf springs to travel a further vertical distance before they are strained by absorbing the shock themselves. The shock absorbed by the rubber springs brings the vibration speed of the leaf springs down to 75% less than with stock shackles.


By increasing the distance that the leaf springs travel before they are stressed, the shackles provide additional maneuverability, stability, and a reduced braking distance.
Sulastic Shackles are fit for drop-in stock installation, replacing stock shackles without any extra modifications. You can easily install them yourself or book a trusted installation with us by visiting or calling Supreme Diesel. With great pricing and great performance, Sulastic Shackles are perfect for your vehicle’s ride performance! We are certain you will find exactly what you need for your diesel at Supreme Diesel.



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